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We Are In a Partnership with CGE Risk Management Solutions

CGE's belief of risks being manageable only when completely understood aligns with our own.

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We Are Proud To Announce Our Partnership With CGE Risk Management Solutions


Our partnership with CGE Risk Management Solutions will further improve the embodiment of our company’s core values through the integration of their visual diagramming tool for Bowtie risk assessment - BowTieXP. CGE is a provider of barrier-based software solutions that stimulate an integrated risk and incident management approach and, for years, delivers a top-notch way of making risks visual and understandable for anyone. Their belief of risks being manageable only when completely understood aligns with our own.

"Are you in control?"

CGE Risk Management Solutions provides risk management, incident analysis, risk & compliance, and operational safety software solutions and services. We work with CGE to promote a culture of safety and to uphold integrity in the work that we do, through the use of the best software solutions. Our thorough knowledge of the methodologies will make it possible for us to deliver the best, personalized solutions to the safety needs of your organization.

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BowTieXP, a software that makes it easy to create Bowtie diagrams to assess risk, is an in-demand risk assessment software that is based on the approach of Bowtie. This visual diagramming tool:

  • has the unique ability to visualize complex risks in detailed risk-based improvement plans in a way that is easily understandable
  • allows the maintenance of the diagram to always be updated on the current status of your safety barriers
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