Modular training is a training approach that involves breaking down a larger course or training program into smaller, self-contained modules or units. Each module focuses on a specific topic or concept, making the learning experience more manageable, flexible, and adaptable to individual learners’ needs.

Key features of modular training include:

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Modular training involves breaking down the training content into discrete modules or units. Each module covers a specific topic or concept.

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Participants can access the modules at their convenience and progress through the training material at their own pace. They have the flexibility to choose the order in which they complete the modules.

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Modular training allows participants to focus on areas that are most relevant to their needs. They can skip over content they are already familiar with or revisit modules as needed.



Unlike instructor-led training, modular training is nonlinear. Participants can choose to study modules in any order that suits them.



Participants have more autonomy and control over their learning experience, as they can adapt the training to fit their learning style and schedule.



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