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Different sectors have distinct requirements for chemical process safety. At Saltegra Consulting LLC, we are committed to helping clients create safer workplaces across all industries, with the goal of preventing chemical-related incidents that could lead to employee injuries, environmental harm, and property damage.



Chemical process safety is crucial in aerospace companies, mainly because this industry requires the use of highly flammable and explosive chemicals in creating aircraft and spacecraft.



Biogas and biomass processing involves the use of highly combustible substances to produce energy. Proper handling of these chemicals is necessary to prevent explosions or fires.


Chemical Manufacturing

Every day, chemical plants create, store, and process various substances and compounds, many of which can injure employees and destroy surroundings if mishandled or mismanaged.


Food & Beverages

Food and beverage production involves handling different chemicals to create, process, and preserve different goods. These substances can be toxic and flammable, so chemical process safety is crucial.



The healthcare sector deals with diseases in its day-to-day operations. A visual representation of the causes, consequences, and safeguards associated with various diseases, easily understandable to the public and individuals at all levels of the organization, enhances the risk management and safety measures of these facilities.


Industrial Manufacturing

Some toxic and flammable substances are used to create the products we use daily. This is why it is crucial for industrial manufacturing facilities to implement process safety programs.


Novel Technologies

The novel technologies sector refers to industries that create and use new and innovative technologies. Some companies in this field handle highly hazardous substances for their business operations.


Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry uses plenty of toxic, flammable, and explosive substances to produce fuel that is essential in a range of other sectors.



Drugs, vaccines, and other medical products are created using different chemicals. Pharmaceutical personnel are exposed to many of these substances and should be protected at all costs.



The refrigeration industry typically uses ammonia, a substance that can be toxic. Exposure can lead to significant health problems, so chemical process safety is crucial to protect workers.


Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry typically uses biogas, biofuel, and other substances that easily explode or catch fire. Proper handling, storage, and disposal of these substances are essential.


Solids Handling

The solids handling industry commonly deals with materials that pose risks due to combustibility or explosion potential. Thus, proper management, storage, and disposal of such materials are of utmost importance.


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