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Oklahoma is a landlocked state in the Southern United States that is rich in several natural resources. Many companies there utilize highly hazardous chemicals to make various products out of these raw materials. Because of this, chemical process safety solutions are necessary to protect workers and the environment.

Why Companies in Oklahoma Need our Services

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High-Risk Industries

Many companies in Oklahoma process coal, natural gas, and other minerals. These facilities must ensure the proper handling of flammable or toxic chemicals used for their processes.

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Environmental Protection

Oklahoma has a diverse ecosystem that must be protected. To prevent environmental damage caused by accidental chemical releases, getting process safety and risk management services is vital.

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Severe Weather Conditions

Oklahoma is in a region prone to extreme weather conditions. Companies that handle toxic and flammable substances in the state must prepare for these natural disasters to prevent chemical-related incidents.



The aerospace industry makes use of different combustible chemicals that can endanger the lives of people and cause severe environmental damage if mishandled. Chemical process safety is crucial to prevent such incidents. Saltegra Consulting LLC provides consulting services to help you ensure proper safety programs are in place.



The biogas/biomass industry is concerned with the use of renewable energy sources from organic matter. Companies in this industry typically utilize different chemicals to convert agricultural waste into biofuel. Saltegra Consulting LLC can help these companies keep their workplaces safe through chemical process safety solutions.


Chemical Manufacturing

The chemical manufacturing industry is a broad field that encompasses the research, mass production, and distribution of various substances that other sectors will use. To prevent the accidental release of the toxic, flammable, and explosive compounds utilized in their operations, chemical process safety programs are essential.


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