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Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Compliance

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is a California-based agency that oversees the responsible disposal of hazardous waste. Their goal is to protect public health and the environment from the harmful effects of improper waste disposal. At Saltegra Consulting LLC, we can help you comply with the regulations they are currently implementing.

Why You Need DTSC Compliance Services

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Regulatory Compliance

DTSC regularly updates its regulations according to the latest techniques and technologies available. Avoid getting penalized through fines or suspensions by working with professionals.

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Safety for the Public and the Environment

Complying with DTSC regulations helps promote public health to avoid the spread of dangerous diseases due to improper waste disposal. It also plays a significant role in protecting the environment.

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Competitive Advantage

Companies that strictly observe the regulations set by DTSC and other federal and state agencies have a competitive edge as they are able to gain the trust of people due to their adherence.

Department of Toxic Substances Control Compliance


The aerospace industry makes use of different combustible chemicals that can endanger the lives of people and cause severe environmental damage if mishandled. Chemical process safety is crucial to prevent such incidents. Saltegra Consulting LLC provides consulting services to help you ensure proper safety programs are in place.

Department of Toxic Substances Control Compliance


The biogas/biomass industry is concerned with the use of renewable energy sources from organic matter. Companies in this industry typically utilize different chemicals to convert agricultural waste into biofuel. Saltegra Consulting LLC can help these companies keep their workplaces safe through chemical process safety solutions.

Department of Toxic Substances Control Compliance

Chemical Manufacturing

The chemical manufacturing industry is a broad field that encompasses the research, mass production, and distribution of various substances that other sectors will use. To prevent the accidental release of the toxic, flammable, and explosive compounds utilized in their operations, chemical process safety programs are essential.


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