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Located in the Southern United States, North Carolina is known for its pristine beaches and coastlines. It is one of the most populous states in the country, with almost 11 million people living there. There are also many chemical processing companies in North Carolina that may require process safety and risk management services.

Why Companies in North Carolina Need our Services

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can happen anytime and cause accidental chemical releases, fires, or explosions. Chemical process safety solutions can help you prepare for such situations.

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Environmental Protection

North Carolina has diverse ecosystems comprised of rivers, mountains, and coastlines. To protect these areas from chemical releases, companies should have regular process safety consultations.

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Regulatory Compliance

Companies in North Carolina must abide by specific industry guidelines for chemical processing. Regular compliance audits facilitated by process safety experts are crucial to ensure adherence to these regulations.

North Carolina


The aerospace industry makes use of different combustible chemicals that can endanger the lives of people and cause severe environmental damage if mishandled. Chemical process safety is crucial to prevent such incidents. Saltegra Consulting LLC provides consulting services to help you ensure proper safety programs are in place.

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The biogas/biomass industry is concerned with the use of renewable energy sources from organic matter. Companies in this industry typically utilize different chemicals to convert agricultural waste into biofuel. Saltegra Consulting LLC can help these companies keep their workplaces safe through chemical process safety solutions.

North Carolina

Chemical Manufacturing

The chemical manufacturing industry is a broad field that encompasses the research, mass production, and distribution of various substances that other sectors will use. To prevent the accidental release of the toxic, flammable, and explosive compounds utilized in their operations, chemical process safety programs are essential.


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