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PSM / RMP / CalARP Program Enhancement and Optimization

PSM/RMP/CalARP Program Enhancement and Optimization involve systematic improvements to the processes, procedures, and protocols designed to enhance safety in industrial operations. These programs are particularly relevant to businesses dealing with hazardous materials to prevent and mitigate potential accidents and releases.

How PSM, RMP, and CalARP Program Enhancement and Optimization Can Help Chemical Process Industries

Even if you already have PSM, RMP, and CalARP programs, there might still be room for improvement. Here are some reasons to get enhancement and optimization services:

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Enhanced Safety and Risk Mitigation

Program enhancement and optimization services identify and address vulnerabilities, improving safety measures and reducing the likelihood of accidents or releases.

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Regulatory Compliance Assurance

These services ensure businesses stay current with regulations, preventing legal penalties and fostering positive relationships with regulatory authorities.

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Operational Efficiency and Sustainability

Streamlining processes, improving training, and adopting advanced technologies enhance overall efficiency, productivity, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of operations.

PSM / RMP / CalARP Program Enhancement and Optimization


The aerospace industry makes use of different combustible chemicals that can endanger the lives of people and cause severe environmental damage if mishandled. Chemical process safety is crucial to prevent such incidents. Saltegra Consulting LLC provides consulting services to help you ensure proper safety programs are in place.

PSM / RMP / CalARP Program Enhancement and Optimization


The biogas/biomass industry is concerned with the use of renewable energy sources from organic matter. Companies in this industry typically utilize different chemicals to convert agricultural waste into biofuel. Saltegra Consulting LLC can help these companies keep their workplaces safe through chemical process safety solutions.

PSM / RMP / CalARP Program Enhancement and Optimization

Chemical Manufacturing

The chemical manufacturing industry is a broad field that encompasses the research, mass production, and distribution of various substances that other sectors will use. To prevent the accidental release of the toxic, flammable, and explosive compounds utilized in their operations, chemical process safety programs are essential.


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