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Why Choose Saltegra?

What sets us apart is our genuine commitment to being more than just consultants – we are your partners in safety. Experience the Saltegra difference. Let us guide you toward a future where safety is at the forefront, risks are minimized, and success is built on a strong foundation of compliance and integrity.

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Who We Are

Saltegra is a process safety and risk management consulting company that helps clients keep their people and businesses safe through affordable and tailored safety and operational risk management and compliance services. We collaborate closely with our clients so they can confidently move through the complexities of compliance in process safety and risk management.

We leverage our multi-disciplinary body of knowledge and industry technical expertise to provide value to our clients through reliable methodologies, efficiency tools, and effective collaboration.


Our Purpose

To protect people and the environment by preventing chemical-related incidents.


Our Value Proposition

Help clients keep their people and their businesses safe through affordable and tailored safety and operational risk management and compliance services.

Our History

Saltegra Consulting LLC was founded by Michael Saura, who pushed through with his dream of building his own consulting firm. Equipped with his knowledge, skills, industry experience, and academic background, he provided companies with Process Safety Management services they needed. Saltegra has an asynchronous team of workers and professionals from the USA and around the world.

Our Partners

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Pollution Control Association of the Philippines

Our partners are vital to our mission as a process safety and risk management consulting company. By providing us with cutting-edge software for visual risk assessment, CGE Risk empowers us to offer innovative solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of our clients’ operations. Also, our partnership with the accredited organization of chemical engineers and of pollution control officers in the Philippines i.e., the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE) and the Pollution Control Association of the Philippines (PCAPI) strengthens our commitment to safety excellence, local expertise, and knowledge sharing.

Service Locations

Saltegra Consulting LLC, based in Newport Beach, California, offers nationwide services and has worked with clients in multiple states, including Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Our team in the Philippines works closely with our main office to ensure high-quality and efficient project outcomes. Furthermore, we have plans to expand our client base to serve more nations in Southeast Asia and South America.


What Clients Say

We specialize in helping businesses that handle various hazardous chemicals in their production processes.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous clients among different industries across the globe, and our commitment to chemical process safety has fostered trust among clients globally, many of whom have commended the quality of our services.


Reach Out

As a responsible business owner, ensuring employee safety and adhering to regulatory standards are essential. Saltegra is your trusted partner in achieving these goals. Reach out to our team today for further information.