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Process Hazard Analysis Redefined

Engaging and systematic facilitation reducing session times without compromising the results of hazard identification, analysis and risk evaluation.


Process Hazard Analysis

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is required by federal regulations such as OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM), EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP), and state regulations such as the California Accidental Release Prevention Program (CalARP) and Cal/OSHA GISO 5189.1.

PHA is one of the most critical elements of PSM. The goal of conducting a PHA is to identify the hazards associated with a process and associated equipment and evaluate risks to help prevent incidents so that the people and the environment are safe while maintaining business profitability. IEC 61511 and ISA 84 also requires the PHA as part of the functional safety lifecycle and plays a vital role in the determination of the risk reduction required of a safety instrumented function.

Hazard and Operability Study

The Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study, an accepted PHA technique developed in the 1960s by ICI, has become the technique of choice for many, due to how detailed and systematic the approach is for a well-defined process or operation, either green-field and existing. The methodology divides the process or operation into nodes and applies select deviations, generates credible causes for each deviation and develops the consequences, safeguards, and risk within each node.


PHA Facilitation

Saltegra is experienced in PHA having facilitated studies across a broad range of industries. Our sessions are detailed, engaging but succinct. Our approach follows the typical HAZOP methodology; however, we also utilize the latest available innovative technologies and information from the industry, as well as strategies and techniques borrowed from other industries. This allows us to efficiently facilitate studies while reducing session times by as much as 30%.

With our experience, we have helped clients write PHA standards which include consequence development guidance for consistent studies across different sites.


  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study
  • What-if? / Checklist Review
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) / Safeguard Protection Analysis (SPA)
  • SIL Selection/Assignment as per ISA 84 / IEC 61511

Software Capabilities

  • PHA Pro by Sphera Solutions
  • PHA Works by Primatech
  • PHA Template on Microsoft Excel

PHA Preparation Support

Remove the busy work from your PSM group and let us handle the preparation. Saltegra's experience over the years of facilitating PHA and LOPA studies has allowed us to developed systems and techniques to efficiently get the deliverables ready for you.

Some companies use multiple facilitators for their PHAs, therefore the value of having us complete the preparation work allows for consistent preparation documentation based on your requirements. We will also work with the facilitator to ensure we capture their specific requirements.


Partner With Us

Keeping your employees safe by preventing workplace incidents is one of your duties as a business owner. To do that, you need to comply with the standards set by authorities. That’s why Saltegra is here to help you. Contact our team today for more information.