Protect Your Stakeholders by Complying With Refrigeration Safety Standards

The ammonia refrigeration industry is a booming sector because of the different anhydrous ammonia applications. Corporations with large-scale refrigeration systems that utilize this substance include food and beverage manufacturing facilities, cold storage warehouses, and combined cycle power plants.


The Role of Chemical Processing in the Refrigeration Industry

Anhydrous ammonia has a natural boiling point of -28˚F. It can remove heat from a specific area and dissipate it to another spot, making it one of the best chemicals to use if you want to keep something cool.

Additionally, this substance is often utilized in the refrigeration industry since it breaks down faster than chlorofluorocarbon, making it more environmentally friendly. The fact that machines using anhydrous ammonia have smaller pipes is also a great benefit since they cost less.

Common Hazards and Incidents in the Refrigeration Industry



When unintentionally mixed with lubricating oils, the flammable concentration range of ammonia is increased. This means that it can explode if a container of this refrigerant is exposed to fire or a source of ignition is present within the vicinity.



There is no doubt that asphyxiation is one of the common risks in this industry. It occurs when one inhales too much ammonia and can become fatal if not treated quickly. Additionally, this chemical usually has a very strong odor, causing irritation to the respiratory tract.



Known as one of the most corrosive chemicals to the skin, eyes, and lungs, ammonia is extremely dangerous to life and health. When brought into contact with mild steel, this refrigerant will also damage the entire surface of the material.



Each refrigeration system’s setup is different depending on the needs of a company. Some may be considerably larger, while others are smaller. Regardless, when an employee checks a pipe or component at a higher point, they must always wear fall-protection equipment.


Hearing Loss

Noise-induced hearing loss is a common incident observed among refrigeration workers. This is because they are constantly surrounded by the sounds produced by power tools, grinders, and other heavy machinery.

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