Manufacture High-Quality Goods While Ensuring Workers’ Welfare

The manufacturing industry is large and complex, made up of different companies that all contribute to the production of various goods. Each product has a different process involved during its creation, and some items require chemicals that can be harmful if not handled properly.


The Role of Chemical Processing in the Manufacturing Industry

There are numerous processes currently used in the manufacturing industry, and each one is done depending on the product being manufactured. For example, chemical textile manufacturing processes include bleaching, mercerization, and dyeing, while steelmaking requires deoxidation and alloying.

Overall, there are four types of manufacturing processes: casting and molding, machining, shearing and forming, and joining. There are more subcategories under each kind, and they have different applications. Furthermore, these operations include numerous chemical processes to help manufacturers create specific products.

Common Hazards and Incidents in the Manufacturing Industry



In the manufacturing industry, electrocution is a common risk since most of the devices found in plants are powered by electricity. It is proven to be one of the most dangerous hazards as it can cause both injuries and deaths in the workplace.


Exposure to Chemicals

An employee may accidentally come into contact with hazardous chemicals while working. They may inhale fumes or have liquid spilled onto their skin, causing adverse health reactions; or worse, be exposed to possible fires and explosions.


Machine-Related Injuries

Heavy machinery is commonly used in the manufacturing industry, and one wrong press of a button or pull of a lever can cause life-changing injuries for a worker. This is why machine guarding has become a standard in this sector.


Slips and Falls

Falling from ladders and scaffolding or slipping due to liquids or cluttered items can result in fractures, broken bones, and even back and head injuries. These incidents are quite common anywhere. However, it can be quite fatal in the manufacturing industry.


Uncontrolled Fires

Various types of heavy machinery are essential in manufacturing plants. When these pieces of equipment overheat, they may explode. Furthermore, the accidental combination of specific substances can easily start fires in manufacturing plants.

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