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The chemical industry is one of the most important sectors of the global economy as it encompasses manufacturing plants, storage facilities, and logistics processes for industrial to everyday-use substances.


The Role of Processing in the Chemical Industry

Chemical processing has been around for decades and has evolved significantly over time. In fact, the speed at which it has changed is a testament to how much importance the sector places on innovation. Companies in the chemical industry need to utilize specific machines and compounds to create polymers, fragrances, rubber, and more.

Currently, this sector is divided into what people call the heavy chemical industry and the light chemical industry. The former is characterized by large pieces of equipment that do not require personnel to operate, while the latter is indicated by machines of moderate sizes utilized by numerous employees.

Common Hazards and Incidents in the Chemical Industry


Chemical Burns

Since it’s pretty standard for employees in this industry to handle toxic substances, chemical burns often happen. High concentrations of substances like ammonia and alcohol can cause severe damage to the skin if they are spilled.



Ever since manufacturers started using chemicals to create specific products, explosions have been a concern in the chemical industry. One can say the two leading causes for these disastrous occurrences are flammable and combustible liquids and gases.



Once they come in contact with any material, corrosive liquids and gases may cause irreparable damage that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or replace. The most common destructive chemical is sulfuric acid.


Biological Hazards

Working at a chemical plant means that you may be exposed to various substances, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi parasites, and more. If you aren’t careful, these biological matters can accidentally enter your body and cause infections, allergic reactions, and diseases.


Musculoskeletal Injuries

The combination of repetitive movements, minimal space to work, and poor workstation design may cause your employees to strain their bodies. An individual’s working condition can affect their muscles and slowly turn into serious issues after longer exposure.

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