California is one of the biggest US states, and it houses many chemical processing companies. Some of these firms use high amounts of flammable and toxic substances that can put the environment and employees’ lives at risk. At Saltegra Consulting LLC, we can help you comply with state laws to prevent chemical-related incidents.

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Why Companies in California Need Saltegra’s Services

Headquartered in California, Saltegra is a consulting firm that helps prevent different workplace incidents in chemical processing companies. Here are a few reasons businesses in the state might need our services:

Comply With State Laws

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates chemical processing companies at the federal level. Cal/OSHA, the agency’s division in California, is the one that strictly implements rules and regulations concerning chemical process safety in different companies. Saltegra can help ensure that you comply with federal and state laws to prevent workplace incidents that can get you penalized.

Prevent Chemical-Related Incidents

Companies that handle highly hazardous chemicals are required to do everything they can to prevent chemical-related incidents in the workplace as much as possible. These incidents include but are not limited to spills, explosions, and fires that can harm workers and damage the environment. They can be avoided through regular assessments of chemical processes with the help of a qualified consultant.

Support Companies From the Same

Chemical processing companies in this state would benefit a lot from hiring a consultant that also comes from California. Since Saltegra is a California-based institution, we have a firm grasp of knowledge regarding the state’s laws and regulations compared to consulting firms from other areas. This means we have a better chance of spotting chemical processes that don’t adhere to the rules set by California’s government.

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