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Meet Saltegra’s Leadership Team

Saltegra Consulting LLC is composed of individuals with extensive experience in the field. Our leaders and facilitators have been in the industry for many years and have established a reputation of excellence and trust among our clients. With their expertise, we aim to deliver the highest-quality services to help our clients keep their people and their businesses safe.

Our Team

Our organization is composed of like-minded people who want to help other businesses keep their facilities safe.


Michael Saura, CCPSC, FSP

President and Co-Founder

Michael is a Process Safety and Risk Management Consultant with over 17 years of experience in process safety and design engineering across a wide range of facilities with highly hazardous chemicals and hazardous processes. He is an expert in PHA/HAZOP/LOPA facilitation, bowtie analysis, and other consultation services.

Rion Angeles

Technology Adviser

Rion is in charge of the program and project management of new product introductions and services, and provides the technical support necessary to achieve our company goals.


Kaylee Miranda, FSP

Project Engineer – HAZOP/LOPA Facilitator

Kaylee started facilitating PHAs after only 3 months of full scribe training. She has been approved by refineries to facilitate projects early on, and has consistently received positive feedback from refinery clients following her PHA/LOPA/HCA sessions.

Reyson Dave Cruz

Operations Supervisor

Reyson is responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day activities and processes within our company. He is involved in ensuring that projects are executed efficiently, employees are well-coordinated, and client expectations are met consistently.


Neo Manansala

Project Engineer – Associate HAZOP/LOPA Facilitator

Neo started facilitating PHAs after only 3 months of scribe & facilitator training. Now, he has been involved in several scribing for and facilitating several HAZOP/LOPA projects involving mostly refining processes and chemical production.


Reach Out

All members of our team are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide you with chemical process safety solutions. Contact Saltegra today for more information.